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PIZZA ON-lineMake your pizza when ordering online and choose from their favorite ingredients. The rest is already taken care of. Order ON-LINE


Pizza Ostrava
Great pizza or bramborak right in the city center! Furnace blows 365 days a year, and always until 24:00 pm !!! Read more ...

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PIZZA deliveryInvite your friends over for a beer. Order pizza and drink beer Pilsen Urguell. Beer good for taste and thirst! CHOOSE FROM MENU
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Rules for deliveries and offers!

1.Special offers cannot be combined, each offer applies for one delivery address only.

2.For 3+1 pizza orders tokens from our boxes cannot be used as payment.

3.Tokens from pizza boxes must not be damaged. A token must be in one piece, torn out so that no part would be missing, otherwise the token is not valid

4.For your own pizza composition online, tokens are accepted only up to a maximum price of finished pizza list which is 139,- CZK.

5.In special order of pizza "half and half" (two different halfes of pizza) will be charged more expensive pizza which was choosed as one from them.

6.Ten tokens must be gathered before the order is placed. You cannot use the token from the pizza box delivered at that moment and use it for payment. Payment with tokens has to annouced during telephone order. For on-line ordering of pizza on has to be annouced payment by tokens in notes in order.

7.With regular pizza ordering online at, you will become a golden customer and have 10% discount.


These offers are for Ostrava-Poruba ONLY! Special offers aren´t valid for PIZZA JUMBO!

All rights to change the rules reserved, thus, please, read the rules before ordering!!!




We accept all kinds of vouchers.

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Pizza Quatro stagione"Marná Sláva"
Most ordered pizza at Marná Sláva

Pizza a la Campana"Massarosh"
Pizza with the strongest flavor at Marná Sláva

Baník Pizzo"Baník Pizzo"
The most original pizza at Marná Sláva



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PIZZA PORUBA - Make your pizza

PIZZA On-linePIZZA Online - Arrange your pizza. You did not find the menu that its combination of ingredients? Never mind. Arrange your pizza according to your taste


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